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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Slightly Over Drawn Natural Lip

 I have had so many people ask on IG what lip color I use, I figured I would make an entry about it. The truth is that being a makeup artist (on hiatus), I have TONS of lipstick, liners and gloss. It's insane. So I wear different colors all of the time. I thought I would share my current go to natural colors and I quick tutorial for everrrr so slightly over drawn lips.
 I have never had a problem with my lips. They aren't the plumpest, but they aren't teeny tiny. Kinda middle road kind of lips. But I do like to over line then a bit!! When I wear a fuchsia or a red, I definitely over draw them more. But again, this is for a natural day look ;) 

To do it my way you need:
-nude lip pencil
-whatever shade lipstick is nude for you
-lip brush (optional)

For this particular lip I used:
-Mac studio finish concealer (it's thick)
-Smashbox nude liner in "fair"
-Urban Decay lipstick in "naked"
-Mac lipgloss "please me"

Step 1: cover lips and slightly around lips with concealer. Again, I use the thick concealer, and I occasionally set it with pressed powder. If I am doing a non natural color I ALWAYS set it with powder to prohibit bleeding. 

Step 2: line your lips following the natural curve of your lip. Don't go making up shapes for a natural look! Once my natural line is lined, I go slightly on top of that line and re-line.

Step 3: fill in with lipstick. If you choose use a lip brush, you can perfect them using this OR you can get your pencil back out and using that continue to make the outlines a little bigger with the lipstick and pencil (kind of drag the lipstick a bit with the pencil or lip brush) This is your chance to perfect the lines and make sure your lips aren't all wonky and crazy looking!

Step 4: apply gloss and you're set! 

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