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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Heart Backdrop/Garland

 I am putting this up for Valentine's day decoration, but who am I kidding, I will probably leave it up all year in the girls playroom. We love gold, pink and hearts around here!! This craft was super easy, and cheap…especially if you already have the hearts punches.

You will need:

card stock
heart paper punch(s)
fishing wire
double sided tape
hooks and small metal circles for hanging (although I just taped mine to the wall for now)

-Using your heart punch, punch your card stock hearts. I used a combination of plain pink, glitter pink, glitter gold, and mirror gold paper. (from Michael's)
I also used a medium and large heart punch to create different size hearts.
Measure how long you want the garland to be
-Cut the fishing wire pieces and tape them to the floor at the top and bottom. Fishing wire is one of my biggest craft enemies and this made it so much easier.
-Once you have your hearts punched, figure out what order you want your colors to be (that is if you are doing multi colored. All of the same color would look awesome too)
-I used two pieces per heart, so using double sided tape I taped one heart to the fishing wire, and then added another on top of that. This way if you hang them, there won't be a "bad" if the garland moves   around.
I changed the order up on each piece, but each piece has between 8 to 12 hearts per garland.

For now I just taped them to the wall. I actually really like the way this looks….however, I can't seem to figure out if Lucy (the cat) loves or hates this garland. It could be either really because she is a cat and doesn't speak human, but she keeps ripping it down. I am leaning towards she hates it. So later this week I am going to hang them from the ceiling. We'll see how that works!!

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