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Monday, January 20, 2014

Instagram Canvas

 So, over a year ago I ordered one of those large poster collages from Printstagram. When in came in the mail Patrick and I were all like "ohhh this is awesome!!","whoa", "I love this". It was pretty cool.

 Then it wasn't. We could not find a frame for this thing anywhere. ANYWHERE. (and I do not pay for custom framing…no way, not this girl) So we rolled it back up, put it aside and kept our eyes open for an appropriate frame. At least a year past. I started getting super irritated…but then one day I realized that if I cut the print in half I would pretty much have two 20x20 prints and that would go perfectly on a 20x20 canvas. I plan on ordering more now that I am aware of this!!!! (don't even get me started on how far behind I am ordering photos…it gives me anxiety thinking about it)

 Anyway, this is so easy I swear Annabella could do it and she is 5. You can do this with any size photo and canvas. I have seen it done on the black canvases too and it looks really cool.

You need:

modge podge
something heavy

I started by applying modge podge to the entire canvas.
I then placed the photo on top, and rubbing out any air making sire it was even.
Throw some heavy books on top.
When glue is dry (I let them go over night), take said heavy things off.
If any edges look too sharp/don't look good you can use sand paper and file them down.
Apply another coat of modge podge to the top of the photo and sides of the canvas.
When that is dry, hang it!!

Super cute. Super easy. You're welcome :)

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