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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY No Sew Curtains

 I haven't had curtains in the living room of the house we rent for YEARS. I had been thinking about sewing my own, but I no longer have a sewing machine. (I used to have two fantastic vintage Singer machines, one was pink and cream and the other was turquoise and cream. AND a serger, but I no longer have them :/) Pat bought me a new machine last year for Mother's Day and I took it back that day! Poor Pat! Don't get me wrong I would LOVE to sew again, but I don't have the room in this house and especially last year with a new baby, I didn't have the TIME. So back it went! I definitely need a craft room in our next home!
(Fast Kelly fact: I used to make see through/clear plastic-y and furry dresses for drag queens and sell them on eBay in the early 2000's! Ha! That was interesting) 
 Anyway, I just haven't found curtain panels I like and when I did they were outrageously priced. So I started researching no sew curtains. These are so easy I am not even going to post step by step- that's how easy they are. 

You need:
- fabric
- scissors
- iron 
- Iron on heat bond 
- drapery clips
- curtain rod
- tape measure 

I ordered my fabric from Warhouse Fabrics Inc.
I bought this blue and off white damask print, in medium weight 

I used coupons and got my drapery clips and rods from Hobby Lobby really cheap.   I also bought the adhesive there, Joann's has it to. 

Drapery Clips look like this, in case you have never seen them

I measured my windows width and length before I ordered and then ordered the appropriate amount. I needed 12 yards all together. I put curtains on two skinnier windows and two large windows. With a coupon the total was $60 (it made 6 panels). I paid under $100 for everything!

*Once your fabric arrives/is purchased, re measure your windows before you cut. Cut the appropriate amount, but remember to leave a few inches for the "hem". Around an inch would be the perfect hem amount on top and bottom, mine were more like 2 inches each. (because I was too lazy to cut them fabric again, ha!) They still look great!
*I folder the fabric and ironed my hem first, and then inserted the bond into the hem, and ironed again. (Instructions are also on the back of the bond packaging)

I really wish I could have gotten a better picture, but I have learned that taking pictures of curtains is indeed difficult! Especially when it's gloomy a lot. So here is the best I could get today! 


  1. Turned out super cute!!!! That's a great idea for my "formal living room" that we don't use and has a whole wall of windows!

  2. Hmmm I like this idea. We have hideous 80s office verticals throughout our house which I HATE. Finally an affordable replacement option!

    1. we have these old sopped to look like wood blinds that are awful! Finally covered them up!

  3. Ugh, those curtains match my living room EXACTLY. Send them to meeeeeee.... ;)

    1. I think they have a color on the site that matches your room perfectly!! It's a brighter blue! Check it out, it's so easy