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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Purple Hair Review

The holidays have been so crazy that I never updated since I went purple!! The first time we did the purple at the salon, she used a mixture of different purples she had around the salon and diluted it. We wanted to use the Pravana Pastels, but it turns out that the lavender was back ordered, and upon further research apparently there was something wonky about the color. So it's still not available….which means we improvise.
 As it first started to fade, I LOVED it! There were pieces of purple and then pieces faded to an amazing silver like color.
First week:

Second Week (my favorite):

But after a few more washes it was just uneven. I had heard that Sally's carried a pastel purple, so I went to pick it up. I couldn't order a color, it HAD to be done asap. So I picked up the Ion Color Brilliance in lavender. It is OK. I'm not in love, but it got the job done. I certainly would not recommend it if you are going from blonde/white right to purple, it just doesn't distribute evenly, but it did the job okay for a touch up.

My Review:

*smells weird
*bad consistency
*uneven distribution
*not a true pastel, still had to dilute

*Easy to find, available at Sally's
*Did an alright job refreshening my color

So that's that. I have some Special Effects laying around from two summers ago when I dipped my ends, my "mermaid hair". Until the Pravana is available I am going to use the Special Effects "Purple Smoke" and dilute it with a toner shampoo/conditioner. I might even use it undiluted underneath and diluted on top for some dimension. We'll see how that goes next week ;)


  1. Hey Kelly, just so you know this was at my local salon centric, I am not a stylist but my good friend is and they told me the pravana lavender was re-called. They did have the "formula" for the pastel lavender though! Its - 1 tube (3 oz.) of vivads clear, 1 oz. of vivids pink, and 1 DOT of vivids violet- I cant post the pic of the poster they had up so this should do lol ^. I haven't personally tried it my hair is a dark purple for now but they said it was identical, so if you try it good luck!

    1. THANK YOU!!! I have a few tubes of the pravana violet, I am just going to use that very diluted. But I will order some of the pink now!! Thank you!!

    2. no problem! hopefully it works out, just mae sure you use a whole tube of clear!

  2. I bought a tube of the Lavender. It was so horrible! It was a murky blue/grey/purple in the tube, and when I tested a strand on my super white blonde hair it turned my hair a nasty grey color. Never again :(

    1. yeah, for a last resort touch up it did minimal job. But going from blonde to purple nooooo way would I recommend it!