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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Wall decals

 We have a small house. Before Priscilla was born, Annabella had a superrrrr cute playroom. When I became pregnant again, we moved Annabella into our room, which is the biggest room, made the baby's room Annabella's old room, and we took the playroom. This leaves us with the problem of not having ANYWHERE to put the disgusting amount toys we have. Right now we have a lot of the toys in the "dining room" which isn't really a dining room at all. This month we are going to rearrange it, and paint it (it is painted an ugly flat beige we rent and our landlord obviously really likes cheap gross paint)…and although I would loveeee to do the stripes we had in the old playroom, and in AB's room, we don't plan on staying here that much longer. So decals it is!

I found a ton of cute ones here and here

I am debating between the dogs, hearts or cute clouds raining hearts <3>


  1. Omg the clouds raining hearts is ridiculously adorable

  2. Clouds raining hearts for sure.

  3. They have pink deer decals for 7 bucks on H&M

    1. I haven't seen the deer decals???? I'm on the hunt right now!

  4. Wonderful ! I'm very tempted to try this.