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Thursday, December 12, 2013

DIY Creamy Coconut Oil Scrub

 These have become my favorite. Not that the previously blogged aren't awesome, because they are, they are just totally different types of scrubs. The earlier posted scrubs are definitely rougher, super super duper exfoliating and not for your face. These coconut oil scrubs still exfoliate but in a more gentle way. The coconut oil moisturizeres your skin unlike anything I have used before. When I used the vanilla one last night in the shower I could not BELIEVE how soft my skin was. I didn't even apply a moisturizer after words. I used it all over, even my face and it was just magical.

To do these you need:
-coconut oil 
-pure cane sugar 
-vitamin E drops 
-touch of almond oil
-food coloring (optional) 

Creamy Vanilla Scrub
- I used about a half of a cup of coconut oil. It is very cold here, even indoors, so I heated mine in the microwave for about 40 seconds to make it soft.
- Add coconut oil and about a cup of sugar. I used a mix of raw organic pure cane and turbinado sugar. I did this because I like the different textures. You could use either alone, or mix as well.
- I then added a few squirts of almond oil,  a few drops of vitamin e and a few drops of vanilla essential oil.
- Mix well and add to your container!!

To make the grapefruit I did the same steps as above but added some peach and pink food coloring and swapped the vanilla for grapefruit oil. It is not an in your face scent mixed with the coconut oil, it's softer. 

I am definitely gifting these! I would enjoy receiving these myself! To make the lid, I took a piece of scrapbook paper, traced the inner lid onto it, then cut it out. The labels are chalk board stickies from hobby lobby. I really wish my handwriting was better :/ but whatever, ha. 

Note: after the coconut oil sits, if you live in a cooler climate, it will get harder again. It warms easily, just scoop desired amount you want to use in the shower and once you start applying it will become creamy again instantly. They are homemade, and made from organic ingredients. I am really in love with these!!

(And yes I used the vanilla already! Sorry!)


  1. Where do you get your almond oil and vitamin e?

    1. I got the almond oil from amazon…I am sure the natural section of your grocery store or a whole foods co op has it…the bit e might be there as well but i got it from the soap section at hobby lobby

  2. What makes these more gentle?

    1. Using the coconut oil instead of just almond oil does because it's creamier, not as coarse!