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Friday, December 6, 2013

DIY Christmas Letter Decoration

Modge Podge and glitter. What else do you really need?? They are clearly my favorite crafting tools! Ha! I bought the letters from Michael's in the wooden letter section. You do do this craft anytime of the year actually. I am actually going to order some paper mache lettering and do a kitchen set using "EAT" or "YUM" soon, I was just in a rush and wanted to do the "JOY" THAT DAY. (I am a little impatient) But the paper mache makes them three demential, and I like that. You can find them here

Anyway, back to this craft. You need:

~modge podge
~foam brush
~acrylic paint

First I painted the letters red. You don't need fancy paint for this. I only paint them because I am a perfectionist and the thought of glitter coming off and seeing the white would drive me NUTS. I used a really crappy $2.00 acrylic paint.

After both sides are painted and dry, apply modge podge and glitter away! I use the fine Martha Stewart glitter because it's my favorite. After that is dry, use a spray sealant. (mine was actually clogged, so I used hair spray. Man I love hair spray!! haha)

And that's it!! You have yourself some DIY glitter letters! Feeling festive over here!

(Please excuse the awful photo, there is rarely awesome natural light here!!)

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  1. They look awesome! My house is seriously lacking in Christmas decorations... I might have to steal some of your ideas. ;)