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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jhirmack Silver Shampoo

While I am always on the hunt for good beauty products, they often tend to be more on the expensive side so I thought I would review a very very cheap product!
 So there I was browsing the isles of CVS sans children one morning. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE browsing pharmacy isles alone?? I don't know exactly what it is, but I LOVE aimlessly wandering around CVS. I get lost in there, I pick random as seen on TV products up and read the descriptions convincing myself that #1: what ever it is is the BEST idea ever and #2. That I probably NEED it. I spend about fifteen minutes at each cosmetic brands section looking to see if there is anything new. The irony is that I never even buy pharmacy makeup, but I always look.
 So while I was on this journey through CVS I decided to spend about thirty minutes in the shampoo isle, and there was this beaut!

This song instantly played in my head the second I picked the bottle up. (and who am I kidding, it played in there for the rest of the day!)

 (this is totally showing my age, ha!)

Anyway, I used it and I actually really liked it! The smell wasn't to die for or anything but it did what it's supposed to!! When my hair is at this very light purple/silver stage the silver starts to look a little yellow. It definitely took the yellow out! So for all of you purple or silver ladies, even pastel blonds, it's worth a shot for $3.99!!!

I am soooo glad my hair is back to being a silver purple!! Even if it will only last another week or so before I have to redo it!! (sad face)

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  1. As soon as I saw the picture, that song came back to me!!!! Hilarious!