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Friday, February 28, 2014


 I'm still here!!!! I have had a few people comment on my IG and ask when I will have a new post!! I wasn't feeling right for about two weeks! I have been extremely extremely tired with stomach pain and I pretty much used all of the little energy I had taking care of the girls and making sure my house didn't fall apart!!
 So after weeks of going to the doctor, having blood labs done, ultrasounds,sonograms and everything else, it turns out I have a large ovarian cyst. (which is better than what I thought, I was fearing it was my gallbladder!) Now…..most things I read say ovarian cysts are "painless" and "symptom free", well NOT in my case!! This thing has been messing with my life for weeks now! Fatigue, nausea and intense pain, frequent and URGENT trips to the ladies room to pee…I'm talking like every ten minutes.  I am basically never listening to google again. Ovarian cysts CAN be painful guys!!
 I go back to the doctor in a few weeks to see if the size of it is changing or anything, but I have started to feel a little better the past few days! So do not fear! I will be posting again this week! I have a lot to catch up on!!!!!

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