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Monday, February 10, 2014

Heart Paint Chip Canvas

 Wow, the past two weeks have been something over here!! I had all sorts of fun Valentine's Day crafts and treats that I wanted to blog well before the week OF Valentine's Day. Between us having a bat in the house for a few days…yeah, a BAT and then me not feeling well for a few days, Valentine's Day crafts had to be put on hold. Now that I am feeling better I am frantically trying to finish all of the things I had planned!
 I ripped this one right off of Pinterest. It is a pretty popular one, so if you have already done this craft, I understand! But it is just too cute! It has been reblogged so many times I cannot seem to find the original poster to link. So, sorry about that!
 It is an incredibly easy AND cheap craft because the paint chips are free. You should have seen me at Home Depot with the biggest stack of paint chips known to man. I actually felt guilty, so I mentioned to an employee that I had a craft to do because I felt like a criminal taking so many! Haha!

You need:
-Lots of paint chips
-Foam Mounting Dots (I ised 3 1/2 pkgs)
-Canvas (I used 11x14)
-Heart Punch

-Start by punching the paint chip hearts.
-Arrange the hearts on canvas from light to dark before adding the sticky foam mount. This is where the perfectionist in me had a REAL problem. In my mind it was going to be the most perfect ombre you have ever seen. In reality, I had taken so many paint chips that the tones were not quite the "perfect" ombre but I ended up liking it in the end!
-Once you have the color scheme you like, start adding the foam mounting dots to the back of the hearts and attach.

-That's it!! Quick, easy and cheap crafting right here!

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  1. Love it but I always feel bad for taking all of the paint chips so I haven't done it yet