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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Banana Split Cupcakes

Seriously. These might have beaten the PB&J. Pat seems to be stuck deciding which one is better, and so far he has ALWAYS gone with PB&J as being far superior to any cupcake/treat. I am actually just going
to link to the site I found them on for the recipe, because it was such an amazing recipe that I didn't tweak it and make it my own( I even decorated them almost the same because they were perfect!). Normally if I don't already have the recipe for something, I google a few recipes, and kind of merge them into what I think would be the best tasting to me. I didn't do that with this one. And I have to warn ya'll, this recipe IS NOT EASY. If you are a new baker, beware. It is not easy, and it is a longggg one. I actually made the cakes and the custard filling the night before, then in the morning hollowed the cakes out, filled em', iced and dipped em. The custard in the middle is spectacular.

There are a few notes I can add about this recipe that may help if this the original seems too scary.
1. You can use your standard american buttercream frosting instead of the "classic" on that blog. I am 100% certain it would be just as delicious and way easier for you too.
2. If the chocolate dip is intimidating (I understand!), you can just use chocolate wafer melts. It will be just as delicious and not scary. PLUS, if you have never made this sort of thing, and go through the entire process with the cakes, and the custard, etc, and mess up on the chocolate dip that would totally suck!
3. DON'T cheat on the custard. Just don't even think about it.
So there are some tips for those of you that are either afraid of this recipe, or just don't have the time or patience to make these, because you really do need to make them, they are AMAZING.
(And if you have the time and patience or just want to brag about how you slaved for 2 days making them, then don't change the recipe one bit! I didn't and I have no regrets! ha)
Banana was so stoked!


  1. These look delish! definitely going to attempt them this weekend. Quick question, what size tip did you use for icing? thanks! (:

  2. I made these and they are amazing..especially the custard. YUM

  3. I used a jumbo 1 icing tip!

    and yeah, the custard in these is AMAZING!! Glad you liked em'!