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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter Wonderland

 This project was kind of an accident. While I was in the middle of doing the ballerina mason jar project and realized that they just didn't fit, I had to run out mid craft to a TON of stores. Being creative really is exhausting sometimes!! Sheesh. So I ran to Target to try and find smaller ballerinas, and came across this Barbie princess ornament. I knew Annabella would LOVE it. So then I was thinking of what I could do with it??? I already had the deer that I had purchased earlier in the day, and the silver tree, modge podge, fake snow AND the nutcracker ornament. All I needed was to cart my butt back to Michael's and get a piece of wood and some silver paint.
 So I came home with the ornament, showed Annabella, and of course she was ecstatic. I painted the wood with silver acrylic paint (I used cheap acyrlic that cost about $1.00). I also painted the three deer silver (spray paint would work as well). 
 When the paint dried on the wood (about thirty minutes), I glued the trees and the nutcracker on. 
 I then modge podged the entire top of the wood and threw a combo of flat white fake snow and iridescent on top. I also modge podged the deer and sprinkled them with glitter. (the deer took a little longer just because you have to wait for a side to dry, then flip to do the other side)
 I never actually attached the Barbie princess, as it was Annabella's request not to. I didn't understand why at the time, I just went along with it, but every day after school she has been going to her room, and getting all of her princess figurines and having them play with the "magical snow princess" in her "winter wonderland" as AB puts it. It is pretty stinking cute, I must say!

You need the following for this:

~ wood (or any platform, but the wood is magical)
~ acrylic paint OR spray paint
~ trees
~ craft snow
~ modge podge (man I love saying that)
~ glitter
~ glue gun
~ anything else you want to decorate with. Deer, princesses, snowmen, gnomes, really anything magical.

As you can see, I never removed the tops of the ornaments, it doesn't bother me right now, but I will probably remove them at some point!!!

These little scenes are really working their way up to being my new favorite craft!!!!


  1. Did you purchase the deer at target as well? My deer looks like he is on steroids compared to my little people lol