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Friday, November 22, 2013

Best Vegetarian Chili Recipe Ever

 OK, so I can't say if it is really THE BEST, but it is my and everyone else in my house's favorite ;)
I remember growing up, my pop pop made the most amazingly bangin' chili. He past a long time ago, and no one but him knew the recipe :/ I have always held a high standard because of this chili. I have been making this recipe for a few years now, changing it up as I went along to make it perfect in my mind. This recipe is vegetarian, using fake grounds (which we only use in some things bc fake meat isn't all that good for you either??!) but you could easily replace the fake grounds for real meat, or just take all meat or meat substitutes out and just add more beans. This is a chunkier chili and I don't always measure every thing but I try and give a close amount if I can :)

You will need:

~ 1 green pepper
~ 1 red pepper
~ 1 onion
~ garlic (I LOVE garlic so I probably use more than most...I would say a normal person would use 3 to 4 cloves??)
~ olive oil
~ 2 cans of black beans
~ 1 can dark kidney beans
~ 1 can light kidney beans
~ 1 bottle of taco sauce
~ bag of fake ground meat (we use Quorn)
~ 2 cans diced chili style tomatoes
~ 1 can stewed tomatoes (or a third diced chili)
~ package of frozen corn
~ cumin (I just dump it in, ha! I would say a tablespoon?)
~ chili seasoning, I use hot mexican (a few tablespoons depending on your taste)
~ salt and pepper if you choose

 ~saute onion, pepper and garlic in olive oil
 ~ strain beans and add to crockpot
 ~ add everything else
 ~ cook low 10 hours, high 5 to 6

 It may look like a lot of ingredients, but you obviously just throw most of them in. I stay away from any recipes that take too long because I really don't have the time for that!!

 To serve, I grate colby jack cheese, add sour cream, sometimes sriracha if I am feeling sassy, and avocado.  I make this about once a week in the winter months and if I don't make it too spicy, my kids love it too!!

(the cornbread pictured is boxed cornbread!! The horror!! I'm not gonna lie, it IS good, but I am always looking for a decent recipe so if you have one feel free to share!!!)


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