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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Glitter houses

Welp, this is what crazy people do right here. I have become completely obsessed with brush bottle trees and glitter houses. Like out of my mind crazy. I just want to keep making more and more and more but I really don't think my house needs anymore deer or trees.... I'll just have to make room then I guess! I can't believe I never knew about coloring the trees until now!? Mind=blown. 

 This glitter house itself was not made by me. It was made by hobby lobby. I bought just a plain, brown cardboard house and decorated it the way I wanted to so it would match Priscilla's room. I AM however going to make my own. I have had the templates printed out for like a week now, but haven't had the chance to put it all together. I became impatient and just bought an already assembled one... I am glad I did it this way tho, because now I know how to paint them and what's best to use. Because if I took the time to hand craft a house and messed up the paint- there woulda been some DRAMA in this house! Ha! 

You can find instructions to make your own "putz" or "glitter house" here:

Or here:

To decorate this house I needed:

- a glue gun
- acrylic paint
- primer (I used white spray paint)
- paint brushes
- a wood platform to glue it all on
- deer
- bottle brush trees (making  a how to blog next)
- modge podge  
- clear/iridescent glitter
- cotton ball for the smoke
- a fence 
- fake snow
- any other decorations you would like ;) 
- I also have led lights to put inside. (Optional. But very cute)