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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Magical ballerina jars

The other day we decided to make magical ballerina snow globes. Like pretty much every person on the planet, I also LOVE to put mason jars to good use. This was such a simple simple craft. Well, kind of, after I ironed out some issues. 
You need:
~Mason jars. (I used a few different sizes, and you also want smooth jars, or as smooth as possible, meaning no raised name brand in the glass)
~distilled water
~drops of glycerin (I did not use this, but I should have)
~iridescent snow flakes
~glue gun
~ballerinas or anything magical you want to put inside
It’s really this simple, glue whatever magical decoration you want to the lid of the jar. Fill the jar almost all the way with water, add drops of glycerin, glitter and flakes. Close, and shake! 
 I have read before that some people’s jars leak, mine didn’t. If yours do, you may want to seal the lid. 
Problems I ran into were: I bought ballerinas whose dresses were too large to fit in the mouth of the jar. That was a problem I didn’t even thing of and because of that I had to run out in the MIDDLE of crafting to SIX different stores to find a ballerina with a fabric dress and then a larger mouth jar for the large ballerinas I already bought.
Go easy on the glitter and flakes. I know, it’s hard. Glitter and iridescent flakes DO make everything more magical, but trust me, the first one we made was a HOT MESS. The HOTTEST MESS EVER> Don’t do it!!
You can also use baby food jars. Perfect for smaller kids. The other jar pictured does not actually have water, and it is still pretty magical. We plan on making a bunch more, some with water, some without :)
Good luck!

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