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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rainbow Cupcakes!

 These were soooo easy! I used a box mix, since I have never made these before I didn't want to take all the time to make my own and then mess up the time I will know it's easy and just make my own though!!  I just topped them with whipped cream..this was sort of a last minute baking decision, plus sometimes it's nice to take a break from the super sweet icing! (and way less sugar for kids).
 AnnaBella seriously couldn't help herself! We practiced colors and made the purple and green from mixing the primary colors, so it was educational too! I actually couldn't even use most of my pics because her little midget hands were creepin' trying to steal whipped cream off of the cupcakes! (4th pic down...ha)

All you need:
White cake box mix
Primary color gel

Mix box cake as directed, take about 1/3 cup and place in bowl, repeat 5 more times. Add food coloring, and done!

Don't try and smooth over or blend the colors, that will just make muddy colors. Just plop em down ROYGBIV.


  1. Those look SO amazing! And easy to do. Definitely going to try them...

  2. Thanks ;) Yeah using a box mix makes it soooo easy...and when I am baking for kids, they get box cupcakes bc they aren't picky! ha

  3. these are adorable!!!! i'm making these asap.

  4. I am about to be having a bake off and soon and have to make three different cupcakes and cannot wait to use this as one of them!:D These are so cute amazing and I can't wait to make them!!