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Monday, April 4, 2011

Cake Pops!

So cake pops are another one of those treats that I never made because they seemed way too intense! Surprisingly, they were easy. Easy...yet tedious. Tedious, because I am the most impatient person in the world! I'll explain..

All you need is:
Cake mix
Candy melts
any decorations
styrofoam block

I used a devil's food mix, and a fudge frosting.

The first parts are WAY easy...

1) Make the cake mix.
2) Let the cake mix cool for at least an hour
3) When it cools add frosting...use your hands and mix well...The recipe I read said to use 1/3 Cup of frosting...I however, found that I used almost the whole can
4) Mix well, form into a giant ball
5) Refrigerate, I did over night

I didn't get to take pics of the first few steps, bc I forgot! Oh-well. ;)

6) Take mixture and roll into balls
7) Melt some of the coating, dip the stick in coating, then insert into ball (helps keep the stick on the cake)
8) Put back in fridge for about 10 minutes
9) Take out of fridge and let it sit for a few minutes
10) Melt the coating, and dip!

Now here are a few things I ran into....
-I made some of the balls way too big, and some way too small..medium size is best, like an inch and a half
-Some of my balls fell off the stick...probably because they were too big
- Let the coating sit for a few minutes before you start dipping the balls....this was my major problem..I am so impatient and immediately started dipping! When you do this, the coating is too runny and melts everywhere, making a mess and ruining them!(pics..and you should have SEEN my kitchen!)

Next time I will probably use a homemade recipe and make them even better! So for my first try, I say, not bad! For being box mix they taste really good too!!!


  1. so they are a no-bake recipe?? they look fantastic kelly! i wanna try n make suma these:-)

  2. well, you have to bake the actual cake (steps 1 and 2), other than that, no!