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Monday, July 26, 2010

i am the person asking about trax and woodwinked! but i wear woodwinked on my lid, trax for the crease and if i'm not lazy i usually do vanilla for the highlight if that's what you mean by the third color! i am just bored of the gold/purple combo everyday

yeah, I wouldn't normally do that color combo for "everyday" but it sounds nice! If you still like purples you could do seedy pearl(it's a really pretty pinky purply but not too much color) with fig 1 and shroom?? Or yougurt, nocturnal and shroom...(shroom is my favorite) for just brown everyday, the options are favorite is kid,espresso,brun and brule, it's a pretty matte could always do sumptuous olive, flourishing and then as a highlight do blanc typr, shroom or brule...that is a pretty green combo but its not too much bc it's like an olive color. just some ideas.

I'll answer anything. . .except vulgar questions, not gonna happen.

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