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Friday, July 2, 2010


 So, I never even heard of this brand before. I had to run into sephora to get a few things like 2 weeks back and they told me I was due for a sample gift and to choose which one I wanted. Of course I chose the skin care item. I have been using this for like 2 weeks now and I really do like it. I only use it at night, even though it says it is to be used morning and night, but again, my skin is wayyyyy to oily for day use. So I use it at night after I wash my face and my skin has been looking brighter. I am going to finish the sample, and probably buy the product, and maybe even a whole skincare system from them if I am feeling zany.

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  1. Oo thanks for the review! Might check this out :)

    I enjoy your blog btw