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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Some updates.

 Sooooo..I haven't updated for a while. The past month and a half has really turned my world upside-down. So basically, my summer was going fabulously. Working sometimes, going to the beach most of the time, and just livin' the life. heh. Then came August. Let's start out by saying, that I had a cold. I thought it went didn't. I ended up having bronchial pneumonia. Fine. So I go to the doctor. Now, I am allergic to mostly all antibiotics, and I was super super sick, so they gave me a medicine called Levaquin. First thing I did when I got home was google it....if you are ever prescribed this stuff, just don't google it. It's bad. It is a really strong antibiotic with big side effects...but whatever, I had to take it. So I took my prescribed dose, seriously within 2 days, felt AMAZING. Which was great, bc I had just been sick for over 3 weeks. I finished my dose, still feeling great...then...ohhhhhhhhh,then....
 Without giving you TMI, I will just say to google C Diff, so I don't have to go into lengthy, disgusting details about my bowl movements.... But I developed C Diff. Basically, the antibiotics I was on were so strong that it wiped out all the bacteria, even good in my when I came across some bad, nasty bacteria, it went TO TOWNNNNN on my ass....literally. Seriously worst week of my life.
 Now if it wasn't bad enough that I was dying-sick for over a month...I have had even more serious things to deal with. Seriously. So basically very long story-short, at the same time I was really sick a month ago, I found out that my 16 year old sister is pregnant. With twins. And not just a little pregnant.....she was like 22 weeks when she found out. With no where to go, of course, we had her move in with us. I haven't really said anything to many people about this, because she was going to to do adoption...I didn't think that was the best thing, but it's also not my choice. But she has since changed her mind and is going to keep them. So basically I went from having 1 child, to 2 and in a few months, it will be 4. My mother is not around, so I have taken on the responsibility of her living with me, taking her to her appointments, taking care of her, basically having another child. And I am okay with it. Actually what bothers me the most is people's reactions when I tell them the I am absolutely INSANE to be taking all this, I understand that it is going to be hard, and there are times that I am probably going to be on the verge of going nuts, but really, what would all these people be doing that are so in shock?? Would they be turning their family members away because it may inconvenience their life? I don't know, call me crazy, but I don't like to watch people struggle, especially children, which, my sister is a child....I feel like if you can help someone, you should...I am at a place in my life, where I can help, and I am excited to help too. I just can't believe some people's reactions...I mean, I wouldn't request this situation, but it is the situation, and I plan on dealing with it as it comes in a positive way. Wish me luck.
 Butttt, all this being said, to complicate things EVEN more, Pat and I were going to leave the city anyway this year....but now, it's a little more rushed. We physically do not have the room for 2 more babies, so we are very actively trying to figure out where it is that we are going to go pressure...ha. Erie, Austin, maybe somewhere else??? We'll see....and very soon!

I think we should have a reality show..."Pat and Kelly: plus 4".....has a ring to it???? ha. It would probably be the best show on TV.


  1. You think Philly gets hot, Austin is a great city, but it gets hhhooooottttt here. As long as you don't mind that, it it is a great place to raise kids!

  2. I am sooo glad you are alright! I wish you and your family the best. My brother too care of me when I was a teenager as well.

  3. Hi! I just wanted to say you are by far the most beautiful individual..both inside & out
    :-) I'm so glad your okay and I'm not quite sure how far you're looking to move but the Brookhaven/Media area is lovely. Great school district & extremely safe neighborhoods. Goodluck with everything!

  4. You should sign her up for 16 and pregnant on MTV, they will pay for a lot of her bills. Also show girls her age that having a child, not to mention 2 is not as glamorous as it sounds. also show people how important family is.

  5. we did send her info to 16 and pregnant...I guess they aren't casting??

  6. really I thought they were for that show and a new spin off show? Also if the dad isnt around, would be a great way to show the world what a stand up guy he is...

  7. from the website: As time is of the essence, please email me ASAP at Please include what city and state you live in, your contact details, a picture and why you would want to take part in this series.