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Saturday, October 2, 2010

do you ever compare yourself to your husband's ex's? how do you deal with the ex situation and would you ever be able to be friends with one of them?

I don't compare myself to anyone actually...what's the point? I don't really have to deal with an ex situation, bc well, they aren't really around, I don't care, and he hadn't dated anyone really seriously for a long time before me. I am not going to get all bent on a few-few month relationships he had, that obviously didn't last. There is a reason people have ex's.....bc they didn't work....and I know how my husband treats me, and looks at me, so I never worry that he ever felt the same way about anyone else. As far as being friends, no. I don't really have friends that aren't even his ex' why would I want to hang out with most likely crazy chicks that he had sex with?? Not going to, I have never remained friends with any of my own ex's...that shit is just weird.

I'll answer anything. . .except vulgar questions, not gonna happen.

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