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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Banana's Bday

 Banana turned 2! I really really really can't believe that 2 years has passed already! I feel like she was just born, and now she is already a lil' lady!! We didn't have a big party like last year, just a few family members, because I honestly have not had the time to plan anything major....but, AnnaBella does know what a birthday party is now, so I had to have something! She got a ton of stuff, actually a lot of it didn't even come in the mail yet, so she is getting even more....she might be a little spoiled...just a little, but whatever, it makes me happy to buy things for her and make sure she is happy at all times. Plus, since I never even had a birthday party, ever, yes EVER, I like to relive the childhood I never had through her..ha.
She even "helped" make her cupcakes...and by "help" I mean, just through and smeared the batter all over the place....she is gonna be a lil baker too I think.

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