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Friday, June 4, 2010

Battle of the Bronzer

 So, let's talk about bronzer. As summer approaches(is basically here), bronzer can be awesome. But it can, and usually is, terrifying. Here are some looks you should NOT be going for when reaching for the bronzer:

What KILLS my soul, is when girls that are not very tan to begin with, think it's okay to just make their faces aren't fooling ANYONE. You would look way more attractive not using it, if you are going to abuse it. (that rhymed,heh)
 When using bronzer, it is supposed to go on the high plains of the face,places the sun would normally his and bronze you. Dust it along you hairline and blend down, on your nose, and cheek bones..that is def enough.  Refer to diagram:

Now, it CAN be blended out on the face a little more, but if you are really reading this for makeup tips then you probably shouldn't do it on your own, leave that to the makeup artists and stick to high planes. And if for some reason, orange face is a good look to you, then put down the brush and never use makeup again.


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