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Friday, March 18, 2011


 So last week I went home to see little sister, her babies, etc. It was really nice to go home, and I actually enjoy the drive. I also got some foxy new hair bonded in, I loveeee it!!  ( I get it done by Nina, at Bella Salon in chester Springs, PA...she is AWESOME)
 It was a nice relaxing trip, well, except for the headaches I have been getting. I have been getting the most obnoxiously painful headaches for like two weeks now. They were on and off, so I wasn't sure what they were from..but by the time I got back to Erie, they had taken over my life. My first thought was a sinus infection, bc they are right in the middle of my head and eyes...but everything I read said that comes from previously being sick, which I was not. So I decided to go to the eye doctor....turns out I have good vision, but have an I got glasses. BUT, that day, I developed ear pain and decided to go to the doctor...turns out I ALSO have a sinus infection and an ear infection??! So it's been quite a week. Just started my antibiotics yesterday so hoping to be pain free soon... (although now i have to get used to glasses which is another set of annoying headaches) FML. heh.

Other than that just getting pretty excited to go to Austin for a week! We leave super early Tuesday morning!! Can't wait!


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