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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


 I LOVE holidays. Like, a lot. I like any excuse to be cheesy, buy people cheesy things, make cupcakes and celebrate. It is a really good time for me. My Valentines's day was perfect. Pat bought me the red kitchenaid mixer I have wanted!! Perfect that he got me the empire red, and on v-day too ;)
I had wanted the light blue/seafoam-y one FOREVER, then the baby pink, HOWEVER, we are painting all of our kitchen furniture REDDDD, so it really is perfect ;). Later in the day he had roses and chocolate delivered,awwww.  For our valentine's day dinner he cooked the meal and I made dessert. I took pictures of BOTH, but, I took them on my phone and my phone decided to break this morning, so my word will have to do. He mad me lobster tail and a delicious fresh parm,lemon arugula salad. I made him peanut butter pie. (he is obsessed with peanut butter). It was so easy to make! Especially with my new mixer!!!
I found a pic of the pie online so you get the idea:


The night before Banana and I made cupcakes for Patrick of course. I, myself do not ever use box cake, HOWEVER, when it is a 2 year old kind of have too! So we made him box strawberry cupcakes with strawberry was cute!


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  1. Kel, every time I read your blog I can feel myself getting chubby. How do you manage to stay so thin and eat so many cupcakes!?