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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hotel Chelsea.

 So for Pat's birthday I planned a little trip to NYC. We stayed at the Hotel Chelsea, and then met with an "intuitive counselor" while we were up there. Let's start with the Chelsea. It was pretty cool. If you are into very new, and not dirty places, then it's not for you. It was bizarre. Hands down one of the weirdest places I have ever been.Def saw cockroaches within minutes entering our room. I didn't get a creep-ghost vibe though. Just a weird vibe. A lot of people like to stay there because so many artists, creatives, and actors have lived there for many years...I also didn't know they brought the survivors from the titanic there??? It's packed with all sorts of random energy. I took some pics of our room, and we also walked every floor taking photos and having fun. Some of the floors where people actually live there are freaking weird. I like to think that extremely extremely crazy artists live there. It kind of felt like I was in an insane asylum. I think I am going to stay there again, and get a suite next time. this time we got there later at night and it would not have been worth it. I would google it if I were you and check it long as weird vibes, cockroaches,death,murder and ghosts are okay with you.

We also went to a Thai place called Room Service to eat. It was delicious. And really really cute inside! I have pics from there too, but am to lazy to deal with them right now. oops.

 The next day we both met (separately) with Tony LeRoy. He is an "intuitive counselor"/psychic/medium. I am super into stuff like this so it was a great experience. He started off by drawing my picture, how he sees me. Told me about some health stuff, all that jazz. He was pretty on point with everything. He told me I am on an "angelic vibration", whatever that aura is lavender and purple with specs of gold, which is just fantastic. I am an "old soul" and so on. The only negative thing was that I need to work on my expectations in life. Basically that they are too high and I get upset when things aren't exactly my way (bc I am a control freak, which is true). He also told me that my spirit guides weren't even in the room with me, they were hanging out with Pat in the waiting room! Because I never ask for help bc I always try and do everything myself, and I need to utilize them more. True. And tons of other stuff, that I am not going to share on here. Although, he did ask if I have 2 children. I said no. Then he told me he was seeing the future and I am going to have a son when AnnaBella is around 3 to 4ish. Aw. He also said I wouldn't be getting sick with this next one.....I better not!



  1. omg so awesome im sooo into that stuff too and now i wanna meet him

  2. Well dammit, now im hooked on going to the Chelsea. Ive been wanting to go for a few years now but keep pushing it off. Kind of like skydiving. Do you have any tips or recomendations for someone goin there to stay? someone on a budget?

  3. Did you stay in the room where Sid Vicious killed Nancy?

  4. Strange, I had a session with this guy Tony and he said exactly the same things about spirit guides/asking for help etc ... Suspect he tells it to everyone :) considering the price he could be more specific ;)

  5. I don't know....I know a dozen or so people that have seen him and he didn't say the same things to any of us!